Harness your inner strength, break free from negative thoughts and behaviours, and live your life fully and joyfully

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Whatever the reason that’s brought you here, it’s likely you’ve reached a point where you know things need to change in your life.

Counselling can be a highly effective way of overcoming difficult personal experiences, making long lasting positive changes, and cultivating mental and overall wellbeing.  

I’m here to provide a safe, non-judgmental and completely confidential space to listen to you and help you heal, develop healthy habits and coping strategies, and take meaningful steps towards personal growth.

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MindCare Counselling is dedicated to helping clients make powerful changes to improve their lives

I’m a qualified counsellor with over 6 years of experience helping clients to navigate difficult life circumstances, overcome mental wellness challenges, and reach their full potential. 

I believe that everyone can change and grow at any time in their lives, and it’s my role as your counsellor to help you find tools and solutions to do that. You’ll be able to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a confidential and safe environment, and we’ll work together to identify a plan to help you heal and move forward. My therapy sessions are tailored to meet your needs and we’ll always work at a pace that suits you.

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“My mission is to work with you to find the clarity and confidence to heal past hurts, quieten negative mind chatter and bring joy, calm and hope into your life.”

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If you’re interested in finding out more about my counselling services, please complete this form or send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. 

If you want to book an initial consultation session, please click on “I want to book a free consultation” and you’ll be taken to the booking page and we can get you on the calendar.

  • Tel: 07581042577
  • Email: arfa-counsellor@hotmail.com
  • Address: 31 The Parade, Cardiff, South Wales, CF24 3AD



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